Cornerstone Group


We provide pocket-friendly accommodation to international travelers, blended with local culture and food. The Basoga enjoy staple foods such as sweet potatoes, Bananas (Matoke) and millet bread.

The Soga are warm and friendly people with a booming tourism industry. We work closely with Travel and Tour Agents to accord our visitors an opportunity to tour traditional sites in Busoga and the country at large.

Our customers satisfaction is our pride

Mission:High quality and blended accommodation for all customers

Jinja town as the source of the great River Nile has become a potential destination for international travelers. Cornerstone Inn was set up to meet the growing demand for cheap but executive accommodation for the international guests, with a preference of staying close to the Source of the Nile and the local community.

Cornerstone Inn is unique in that our services stretch beyond accommodation to having first-hand experience with the rich culture of the Basoga people. In addition we offer first-time visitors to the Inn a free ride to the Source of the Nile River to participate in the weekly cultural nites and to enjoy the cool breeze from the Nile River (locally known as Kiira). We work with a network of Tour Agents to satisfy different preferences of our guests.

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